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Beverage Service Association
The Rondo spiral machine range from Necta offers many innovative and exiting features to ensure effective and satisfying snack vending. Available in a choice of layouts – snack only, can and bottle, or snack, can and bottle – the Rondo is flexible and can be configured to vend a wide range of items.

A product detection system has sensors that detects when a product has been successfully dispensed. If no product is delivered, the customer can make another selection or have the payment returned.

The innovative (patented) front hot air outlet allows the Rondo to be safely located against a rear wall, without damaging the cooling unit, saving a valuable 10cm on the depth of the machine. Vended items can be easily accessed as the outward opening patented delivery bin has been designed for ease of use.
Booby Moore Fund
Greener By Nature
Number of Selections = 36 or 40
Standard Capacity = 466 or 240
Dimensions (mm) H/W/D = 1830 / 880 / 890
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