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The received wisdom is that ‘nothing beats the taste of a quality drink made with fresh milk’. Whilst this was undoubtedly true in the past, times have changed, technology has moved on and there are products available now that make a myth of the ‘fresh milk’ mantra.

Modern HoReCa machines are capable of delivering 9-ounce drinks that match the high street offer in terms of both quality and visual appeal. They’re equally at home using milk or a substitute, but in a business setting, fresh milk has its drawbacks. Typically, vending stations cater for around 100 people, and with milk comprising seven ounces of a nine-ounce latte or cappuccino, it’s conceivable that machines using fresh milk would need to be re-filled within half an hour of service…

Then there are the labour issues of keeping fresh milk machines clean and hygienic. However, if you substitute fresh milk with a freeze-dried product like Milfresh Granulated Skimmed Milk, (a freeze-dried skimmed-milk product produced by Aimia Foods), it’s almost impossible to taste the difference. The advantages don’t end there either: with freeze-dried Milfresh, the capacity of, for instance, a Kobalto machine, rises to 350-400 vends.

Healthwise, freeze-dried scores heavily: it’s free of hydrogenated vegetable oils and it’s virtually fat-free All in all, without fresh milk, you can enjoy a coffee-shop standard drink which is authentic in taste and is better for you.

And no need for a barista!

For further details of the Kobalto machine and other machines in our K-Range click here.
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