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Beverage Service Association
The pleasure of an espresso coffee professionally prepared or a scented and steaming chocolate, some delightful hot milk or a white coffee with some thick and compact foam: you just have to ask for it. The new Kobalto dispenser of high-quality hot drinks can fulfil all your wishes.

Kobalto is available in several versions and it can offer several technologies: Espresso, Instant and Fresh Brew by making use of a wide range of ingredients such as beaned coffee, ground coffee, instant coffee, liquid or instant milk, chocolate or barley coffee.

Kobalto versions and flexibility can perfectly meet all Ho.Re.Ca. operators' requirements. The design accuracy and the typically "made in Italy" style, its compact sizes as well as its extremely simple and flexible interface can make it an all-purpose machine that can be easily arranged in any location, even the most refined ones.

The Kobalto can offer a wide range of drinks.
Between 8 and 16 selections can be customised – using a wide range of products: bean, soluble coffee, fresh or powdered milk, and chocolate. In the espresso version, the Kobalto can have 1 or 2 coffee bean hoppers and a variety of soluble products combined with an automatic milk steamer.
Booby Moore Fund
Milk: fresh, or freeze-dried?
Number of Selections = 7
Hourly output = Approx 100 cups per hour,
80 litres of hot water
Dimensions (mm) H/W/D = 750 / 470 / 570
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