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Beverage Service Association
Kobalto is a stylish and flexible hot drinks dispenser suitable for any kind of location. It can combine excellent performance with great flexibility and a wide range of drink selections. Available in several versions, this dispenser utilises different technologies making use of a wide range of ingredients and is available in two Espresso versions and one Instant version.

Kobalto is extremely simple to operate and its
flexible interface makes it a multi-purpose machine that can be arranged in various locations such as restaurants, cafe's, hotels, leisure facilities and bars for self-service or it can be operated from behind a counter.

The Kobalto can offer a wide range of drinks. Between 8 and 16 selections can be customised – using a wide range of products: bean, soluble coffee, fresh or powdered milk, and chocolate. In the espresso version, the Kobalto can have 1 or 2 coffee bean hoppers and a variety of soluble products combined with an automatic milk steamer.
Booby Moore Fund
Milk: fresh, or freeze-dried?
Number of Selections = 7
Hourly output = Approx. 100 cups per hour, 30 litres of hot water
Dimensions (mm) H/W/D = 750 / 470 / 570
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