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Beverage Service Association
Canto is at the top of Necta range in terms of technological innovation and quality of the drink. The harmonious and fascinating, neat and essential design guarantees an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Its refined high-impact aesthetics is characterised by a polycarbonate continuous front panel from the top to the bottom, which harmoniously accomodate the selection pushbutton panel. The aluminium as well as black and bright polycarbonate side panel is elegant and sturdy at the same time. Attractive and interchangeable panels complete the image of the machine, together with an ergonomic dispensing compartment. Its great easiness of cleaning and maintenance completes the offer of this highly-advanced vending machine, which is bound to become a point of reference on the market for the years to come.
Booby Moore Fund
Greener By Nature
Cup Capacity = 650 - 7 OZ squat or 500 - 9 OZ tall
Canister Capacity (Max) = 8 basically but up to 11
Dimensions (mm) H/W/D = 1830/650/760
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