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Beverage Service Association
Everybody appreciates a coffee break. Especially when it gives them the opportunity to get their hands on a lovely cup of delicious, freshly brewed coffee. That’s why we offer you our 7100 series with modern, tasteful tabletop models that will be at home in any environment where coffee is appreciated.

When you open the machine, you immediately see the ingenious, practical coffee concept and realise why the combination of the latest vending technology and the unique water and mixing system make the machine so easy to maintain and so quick to fill.

The 7100 comes in three versions: Fresh Brew (FB), Fresh Brew from Beans (FB B2C) and Espresso (ES). The FB 7100 is based on classic ground coffee or whole coffee beans which are ground in the machine. The coffee is then brewed in the traditional way. The brewer is also ideally suited for leaf tea, producing a truly exceptional drink. The ES 7100 is also based on coffee beans, which guarantees espresso of the
highest quality.

With its flexible configuration options, programmable cleaning cycle and optimised filling and maintenance procedures, the 7100 series is perfect for offices, administration buildings, reception areas, kitchenettes and canteens. With the option to install a coin mechanism or cashless system and a wide selection of accessories, it ticks all the right boxes for a modern coffee solution, whatever your taste!
Booby Moore Fund
Greener By Nature
Dimensions (mm) H/W/D = 870 / 450 / 475

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